The Author

I like to consider myself an artist and a DIY enthusiast. I was born in Los Angeles and live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I have a bachelor of fine art from the University of New Mexico. I have worked for years in the art world, first as an artist's apprentice, casting wax and bronze and doing patina and metal work. Following that, I spent several years working in galleries, so it's safe to say that art has always been a big part of my life. 
I love the idea of creation just for creation's sake. I believe there is a lot of satisfaction that comes with that. I enjoy using my hands and my ingenuity to create useful, fun or unusual things that challenge my creativity and bolster my skill-set. I weld, cast and fabricate metal in the large scale as well as the small scale to create things that are in some cases practical and in others beautiful, sometimes both, often neither, but always worthwhile. I hope that the things that I make will encourage others both to cultivate their own sense of creativity and to question everything.

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