Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bumming Spokes

Broke is the state in which we artists most typically find ourselves, so in order to get ahold of enough materials to execute a project, it's necessary that we explore means of obtaining these materials that don't involve paying for them. Usually this involves begging, barter, offering favors that we may or may not follow through on, and often dumpster diving. About a week and a half ago, in keeping with this tradition, I placed an ad on Albuquerque craigslist. The ad offered peace-of-mind in exchange for bicycle parts.

Apparently people are in desperate need of peace of mind. Within that week and a half, nine bicycles and assorted accessories had been unloaded into my possession. 

This should be more than enough to get started. Most of them are only in half-bad condition, which is more than good enough for my purposes. Six of the bike frames are steel, and three are aluminum which I won't be using for this project because MIG welding is much more convenient than TIG. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

What is the Why?

First of all, I have to mention that I believe that the attempt is more important than the "Why". Too much importance is placed on emphasizing the "Why", and not enough on just doing, and making simply for the satisfaction that comes with the act. Good planning for a project is important, but the answer to the "Why" is not even secondary, or tertiary. The only thing that is important is that the project is attempted. I believe that many people with great ideas don't pursue them because they are intimidated by the prospect of being asked "Why" and the judgement that inevitably comes with not having a concise or eloquent answer to this unfair question. The "Why", most of the time, detracts from the "Do" and is often simply the refuge of those who lack creativity or vision. Frequently the purpose of a thing can only be determined in retrospect because every angle can't be thought of, and every outcome can't be predicted, so what I ask is that the people that are so overly reliant on the "Why" to give life meaning just learn to roll with it for once and take "because I can" as an answer.

That having been said, the purpose of starting this blog is primarily to document the progress of this project:

Which will be the terrifying, inimitable and exceptionally dangerous Pariahcycle. 

It's also about other things in the spirit of shed-innovation since so many great things have come out of a crazy idea set in motion by a couple of passionate and maybe less-than-perfectly-sane enthusiasts. Things that are mechanical or creative that pique the interest or titillate the corpus callosum and blur the line between art and technology.  It is a tribute to anyone who has attempted to pull a concept from their mind and deliver it into reality, and meant as proof that anyone can accomplish incredible things with the right attitude and dedication.