Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bumming Spokes

Broke is the state in which we artists most typically find ourselves, so in order to get ahold of enough materials to execute a project, it's necessary that we explore means of obtaining these materials that don't involve paying for them. Usually this involves begging, barter, offering favors that we may or may not follow through on, and often dumpster diving. About a week and a half ago, in keeping with this tradition, I placed an ad on Albuquerque craigslist. The ad offered peace-of-mind in exchange for bicycle parts.

Apparently people are in desperate need of peace of mind. Within that week and a half, nine bicycles and assorted accessories had been unloaded into my possession. 

This should be more than enough to get started. Most of them are only in half-bad condition, which is more than good enough for my purposes. Six of the bike frames are steel, and three are aluminum which I won't be using for this project because MIG welding is much more convenient than TIG. 

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  1. Ooh, you should hang on to that cruiser frame, it's cool.