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This blog has a few functions. The first and original reason is as a way of documenting the progress of a project that I'm calling The Pariahcycle. Secondly, and most importantly, it's intended as a place for me to share my stream of consciousness about my work and the catalysts for my ideas. 
My inspiration for the Pariahcycle, and consequently this blog, is entirely predicated on the idea of "why not?" I think it's important that people dispense with the notion that everything they do has to have a distinct purpose. Sometimes the satisfaction of doing something, and the enjoyment that comes with the result, is all that is required for it to be worth the attempt. My hope is that by watching this project come together, and witnessing whatever failures and successes I encounter along the way, others will be encouraged to discuss and pursue their own ideas. The community and discussion around creation is paramount to the advancement of ideas. Having a community to provide feedback helps these ideas to develop more clearly, and thereby leads to more refined  outcomes. My intent with this blog is to contribute to this online community of thinkers, and to lend my hand in fostering creative encouragement.

The last, but not the least important reason is that, if I write it down, I'll be more inclined to follow my own advice.

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