Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Junkyard Jaunt

I had run out of materials. Normally, as a financially-challenged do-it-yourselfer, I would have to choose between spending what little money I had on what was needed to continue my projects or on the solitary Totino's pepperoni and sawdust pizza that would sustain me for the month. Fortunately, Kai and his crew had organized an expedition to Coronado Wrecking and Salvage, and I stowed away.

On our journey we ate exotic foods and saw horrible things. At one point I was discovered and thrown overboard. Luckily we were in Albuquerque, so rather than drowning I walked the rest of the way.

By the time I made it ashore, the rest of the crew had already arrived. We were a total of five souls going by the names Kai, Joe, Frank, Little Frank and myself. 

The vastness of the landscape was overwhelming.

We scaled the great, lime-green cliff of dump truck

to find many useful natural resources.

While the indigenous population was accepting of us and generous with their commodities, some of their customs seemed strange to us. 

Even if we only wanted some, 

we had to take it all or risk inciting their wrath.

With our trade mission done, in the spirit of adventure we carried on.

Some time later, while admiring the incredible scenery,

we got separated in a roadwork graveyard.

Joe went off to pilot a submarine,

then went surfing.

Meanwhile, I got lost in a labyrinth of tanks,

then was crowned King of the Junkyard,

and Kai found some rubber.

Once we regrouped at base-camp we took inventory of our plunder.

Joe had commandeered an enormous length of chain.

For myself, I had annexed 30 leagues of steel tubing and laid claim to a swath of twisty conduit.

Kai, Frank and Little Frank, alas, came away with nothing except the serious case of inspiration they contracted. They should recover with treatment. Nevertheless, a grand and successful adventure was had. 

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