Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dear Readers,

I feel compelled to mention why my posts have been coming at such irregular intervals. This is mostly because this blog is something that I do in my free time for fun and as a supplement to the work that I'm doing for mostly unrelated reasons. The work often progresses at an unpredictable pace as I have to fit it in between other things that I'm involved in, and as a result, writing about the work will forever be equally erratic. I will do my very best to make the posts as frequent as possible, however, dear readers, if you are expecting them to come with any regularity, then I must inform you that you have an inadequate understanding of the nature of DIY.

DIY is impervious to all attempts to constrain it to any kind of meaningful timetable. Inspiration can come in a flood one minute and a trickle the next and the results typically go through a bunch of painstaking changes and revisions and come out the other end unrecognizably altered from their original state. Tasks that you expected to take minutes to complete often end up taking hours, then once you've spent all those hours working on them they can wind up failing anyway, and then life frequently gets in the way of all of it. 

This unpredictability is the source of the excitement and often the extreme frustration inherent to the process, and in the end, somehow it all turns out to be worth it. As a result, you learn things about the materials you're using and the personality of your tools. You find that you are capable of coming up with more elegant and creative solutions to problems than you ever expected. Eventually the result of your toil may turn out to be something amazing,

but don't ever expect to finish it on time.

A concerned blogger

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